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montgomery_md's Journal

Quit Addison-ing Me!
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It is very simple, nation. It takes something like fire, to light the world. In this case she also answers to Satan. She walks into your hospital and kicks you right off your ass, has bitchin' fashion sense, and lips that you'd die to kiss because she's a red-head. Hmm, kinda got caught up with that.

Well, I had this idea running around naked in my head, then I just noticed it was Kate Walsh dancing naked and **que dramatic orchestra** ... It hit me. Face right into the door and it just popped out. Addison, Kate, FanFiction, Icons, Episode Reviews, Fic Fest Centric Circle, Pictures, and News. Why don't we all just get our pairs of Salmon Scrubs on and give birth to Addison's Corner aka montgomery_md. It takes dedicated healers to create a home. Whether its the Lady McSatan who just zoomed in on Grey's Anatomy, or dancing naked next-door Addison, you just can't look away. Kate Walsh has portrayed a woman who has many faults and virtues. She is all of her history, and yet she is none of it, she is Addison Forbes-Montgomery. She's a world class neonatal surgeon, and she's here to stay.

Where you get everything and anything focused on Addison and Kate Walsh. All in one.

Thank you for your time, and stop with the Addison-ing!
We are currently holding an Addison Fest so come and join!
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